“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”


Judy Kelly and Deanna Leslie have been dear friends for a very long time. Over 25 years to be exact. It has been a creative and soul-filled journey from the start.

Using the base model of a create-your-own candle business that Judy had built when she lived in Southern California, Judy and Deanna put their heads and hearts together and expanded the vision to craft a truly unique retail experience which opened its doors in September 2017. Creating was the foundation for the experience they wanted to share, and beautiful downtown Ogden was just the place to do it. Both coming from home towns where they were surrounded by art, Judy from Laguna Beach and Deanna from Seattle, it was a natural metamorphosis to cultivate a space where artistic creation could take hold and grow within the community.

Judy and Deanna feel so blessed to have friends, family and a community who support their creative journey and who motivate them to continually make Art Box a truly unique experience for all who come through its doors.

Art Box Credo (…our ABCs…)

We believe the act of creating is a fundamental need of every individual and an innate connection to the Divine. We believe the expression of the soul is limitless and appears in a multitude of shapes and forms. Whether painting a portrait or shaping paper mache, whipping up a batch of cookies or preparing a gourmet meal, designing an enchanting garden or an exquisite bouquet from its bounty, we believe that cultivating the land…or clay…or fabric…or wax…or anything artful, is cultivating the mind and is equally fundamental.

We believe in holding something old in one hand while reaching for something new with the other, and get giddy when a creative spark ignites the imagination on how to combine the two. We believe in wearing wrinkles and scars like badges of well-earned honor knowing that they help to tell the story of who we are and where we’ve been. We believe in collaboration with other creative souls so that everyone can land their feet on a star.

Our foundation lies in hard work and hard play, and we believe that the practice of creating is an intricate and amusing dance between the two. We believe that each day is an adventure with opportunities to learn from mistakes and to shore up courage to take new risks. To lovingly nudge each other past our comfort zones. To bravely bolster each other when we doubt. To inspire each other to do what we love. To build a community of friendship and support. From farming to fine art, to create from that most fertile core in the heart.

We believe in art and in you.