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We offer two party packages at a reduced rate when you have 6 or more in the group. 

The two packages are:  


5 styles of candles averaging 8 oz. 

11 embellishments

Separately $27

Party Price $24



5 styles of candles averaging 16 oz. 

14 embellishments

Separately $39

Party Price $35


The candles will take approximately 1 hour or so to make and then we will have them cooled and ready to pick up within the hour after they have been poured.  As part of the package, we include an “Express Cool” (regularly $5) for free.  


You are welcome to bring in a bottle of wine if fitting for your group for a small corkage fee and we will provide everything needed, including ice. Additionally we offer cakes made through our partnering caterer.  

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