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First Friday Art Stroll featuring Amie Preston

Amie Preston – I love to create art that tells a story. When wearing the jewelry, I like to look down and remember the symbolism. An example is the ring I wear on my wedding finger. Silver with a highlighted brass nugget, I call it my “brass ring”. When I married my husband, Patrick Hald, I really caught the brass ring.

When I discovered my fascination with metal I had just start my twentieth year of work as an executive for a fast-paced fitness corporation. On a whim I signed up to take a silversmith class, in that first class I had an OIGI moment!  (pronounced oh-gee, and is the acronym for Oh-I-Get-It!)  It was life changing; I had found what I wanted to do the rest of my life. After several years of instruction and planning I left the corporate world and now I am able to live that dream and share it with others.